Just a little after 8am on Easter Monday, Georgia, Jackie, Clive, Emily and Mary began their walk around Lake Vyrnwy to raise funds for All Saints’ Church roof.  They were walking round not once but twice - a total of 24 miles!  The first lap was completed in a very creditable 4 hours.  A quick stop for some lunch and then off on the second circuit.   After a couple of miles they were joined by Linda and Lady (Martin was there too but was driving).  At around the 17 mile mark some other friendly faces appeared, Debs, Nigel and Rebecca with some very welcome ice lollies. The miles were ticked off and the welcome sight of the iconic Tower was in view.  Only a couple of miles to go before the dam and the finish.   Georgia, Linda and Emily reached the dam first, shortly follow by Jackie and Mary.  All completed in 8hrs 40mins.

Legs and feet rather sore and tired but well worth the effort as the total raised is nearly £700.  If you would like to donate, please contact Jackie Parker at 4 Millington Close, Baschurch. 

Mary Cox