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 Who can be Baptized?

·         Anyone who wishes to be or who wants their child to be (adults who wish to be Baptized are required to attend a course of preparation which leads on to confirmation)

·         A child can be Baptized even if their parents are not.

 What happens at a Baptism?

·         Godparents, chosen by a child’s parents, make promises about helping the child/children to learn more about the Christian faith. To show them how to make good choices in life and to pray for them and encourage them to pray for themselves.

·         The Vicar will make the sign of a cross on their forehead, a symbol of God’s love for us and our belonging to God’s family as well as our own.

·         Water is poured over the head of those being baptized. This is done 3 times. It symbolizes our new beginning as God’s children, a fresh and clean start with God’s presence in our lives.

·         At the end of the service a lighted candle is given to remind us to shine as lights in the world. Jesus is the ‘Light of the World,’ even death could not put out his light. 


·         Godparents are chosen by parents for their children, often family or close friends.

·         Most children have 3 Godparents, 2 of the same sex as the child and 1 of the opposite sex. There must be one of each sex and Godparents must themselves be Baptized.

 When do Baptism Services take place?

Baptism takes place in the main morning service on a Sunday (11am), usually the 3rd Sunday in the month (other Sundays are possible)

 What does it cost to be Baptized?

There is no cost, although donations are always welcome.


Baptism or Christening 

Congratulations, we are delighted you are considering this step on a journey of faith, either for your baby/child or for yourself.

 Is it Baptism or is it Christening?

They are both the same thing. 

What does it mean to be Baptized or Christened?

It means you are welcomed into the Christian community and it is the beginning of an amazing journey with God, a journey of discovery about love, faith and hope. 

Is there an age limit to being Baptized?

No – Baptism can take place at any age, although it often happens when you are a baby.


What happens if we would like to say thank you to God for the safe arrival of our child/children but are not sure about Baptism?

We also offer a service of Thanksgiving. This service is an opportunity to give thanks for the safe arrival of your child/children without making promises you are not sure you will be able to keep.

Some people choose this service so that their child/children can make up their own mind(s) when they are older.

Thanksgiving Services take place in and outside of the Main Services.

 Want to find out more?

·         Contact the Rector via the contact details on this website

·         Visit for more general information