March Letter 2018

Dear Friends,
As I write this letter we have just begun the season of Lent. It began
this year with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine’s Day, a day when
we express our feelings to those we love, how very apt. We express
that love in many different ways, through the giving of gifts,
spending time with each other and the whispering of words of love,
hope and encouragement to name just a few. Sometimes that
expression of love might be shown through the gift of life from one
person to another, via donated organs or the giving of blood.

At the Ash Wednesday services I handed out a card to those present,
a Valentine’s card because we are God’s valentines and He is ours.
God showed how much He loves us through the death of His Son on
the cross on Good Friday. Jesus, who was without sin, yet prepared
to take on His shoulders the sin of the world so that our broken
relationship with God might be restored. What a wonderful gift of

       FOR GOD
              THAT HE GAVE HIS
              SON SO
             THAT WHOEVER
              BELIEVES IN HIM

JOHN 3:16

Lent is a time of repentance, of turning to Christ through the acts of
prayer, fasting and giving. It is a time to stop and take a look at our
own lives, to acknowledge our mistakes and seek forgiveness
through the grace of God. A grace that is about more than the
forgiveness of sins, but a call out of God’s deep and profound love for
us to sin no more and to live a new and pure life. Jesus has given us
the opportunity to do this, whether we take it or not is up to us.

How serious are we about spending time with God?
Do we want to get to know the God who loves us?

If we do then use this Lent to turn and face Christ, to seek His
forgiveness and to begin to forge a closer relationship with Him,
through prayer and study of scripture. There are study booklets
available or you could join us at the Lent study groups. Maybe you
like to give something up, that’s great, but think about why you do it.
On Valentine’s Day, our expressions of love are often very public
displays. Are our expressions of faith for a God who loves us, the

In the Ash Wednesday service people had the opportunity to be
Ashed, which is done with these words, ‘Remember that you are but
dust and to dust you shall return, turn away from sin and be faithful to

None of us are perfect, we are dust, we will and do get things wrong,
but God waits patiently for us to turn to him and repent.

Remember we are God’s dust that he inspires with life and saves
through His Son Jesus Christ, because He loves us. It’s a gift of love
not to be missed, but one to be cherished, nurtured and shared with

If we are grateful to God for His gift of love, what three things is God
grateful to us for?

Wishing you a thoughtful and reflective Lent.